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Escuela de Música y Danza "Belén Fernández"

Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz
Welcome to the Belén Fernández School of Music and Dance, a highly regarded school in Jerez that offers ballet, dance, Spanish, flamenco, music and piano classes for both children and adults.By participating in concerts and performances in theatres, our students come into contact with what could be their future...

Escuela Danzares

Algeciras, Cádiz
Danzares was born as a teaching project, to share what I have learned and what I continue to learn from the art of dance. Our priority is to impregnate our students with the passion, sacrifice, discipline, illusion, overcoming, respect, love and art that requires, the mastery or at least the understanding of this...

Conservatorio de Danza de Cádiz "Maribel Gallardo"

Cádiz, Cádiz
The introduction of officially recognised dance lessons in our city has not been an easy task, and we must thank the teachers and all those involved in this teaching for the effort they have been making over the years, moved by a common illusion that translates into the impulse of this artistic discipline. Such an...

Espacio Creativo Flamenco David Palomar

Cádiz, Cádiz
Espacio Creativo Flamenco David Palomar is an academy specialized in the world of flamenco. We have a list of highly qualified teachers, both in singing, guitar, dance and percussion, although we also have special classes in disciplines such as composition, flamenco piano, flamenco violin, all by professionals.You...

Ana González Estudio de Flamenco

Cádiz, Cádiz
Ana González Flamenco Studio: Feel, Enjoy, Learn dancing our art, the Art of Flamenco, We are all a pure art...

Academia de Baile Roma

Puerto Real, Cádiz
📍Puerto Real▶️ Danza urbana | Flamenco | Latino | Danza del Vientre | Yoga, Pilates...

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