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Alejandra Sabena Tango

Sevilla, Sevilla
Alejandra Sabena Tango is a dance school which offers group lessons, private lessons, coreographies, performances and events organization, centered on Tango and Argentinian Folk.

Bailarte Sevilla

Sevilla, Sevilla
In Dancerte you can find a multitude of physical activities and social dance: Latin Dances, Ballroom Dances, Kizomba, Tango, Sevillanas, Rumba, Oriental Dance, Pilates, Zumba, Zumba with your baby, Oriental Dance, Sevillanas, Rumba, Burlesque, Yoga... Since 1998 we are dedicated to the diffusion of social dance in...


Olivares, Sevilla
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Social Dance Association, where Latin and Salon dance classes are taught for all ages and audiences! Encouraging participation and a good atmosphere among all the people who like to dance!

Tempo Escuela de Danza & Pilates

Sevilla, Sevilla
Tempo Escuela de Danza & Pilates, is a multidisciplinary centre open to the languages of movement. Its opening dates back to 2005, starting with a set of disciplines focusing on classical dance, Spanish and classical Pilates. During the following years it opens up to the practice of other trends and rhythms.In...

Paso a Paso Alcalá

Alcalá de Guadaira, Sevilla
Dance school located in Dos hermanas, Seville, where you can learn different styles such as Zumba, Funky, Hip- HoO, ballet... Combining them with your level.

Academia de Baile Lucía Díez

Sevilla, Sevilla
Academia de Baile LUCIA DIEZ, Escuela para la Conservación de la Danza Española y el Flamenco opens its doors. Lucía Díez, teacher and professional dancer of Spanish Dance, Flamenco and Classical Ballet.

Estudio Flamenco Sevilla

Sevilla, Sevilla
A Flamenco school in Seville, Spain. To reach the world, we use two routes: 1. ONLINE COURSES Flamenco courses at a distance, so you can learn from anywhere. 2. PRESENTIAL COURSES Flamenco courses that we do between the student and the teacher, face-to-face.

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